Specializing in MWD Components, Rubber Molding & Nitronic 50 Tubing!

What We Do

MWD Parts & Services

We offer a full-range of MWD Components, Centralizer & Rubber Fin Molding, Nitronic 50 Tubing, Carbide Components, Running Gear, Drill Pipe Screens & Much More! 

Proprietary Manufacturing

We understand that a company’s proprietary technology is an indispensable factor used to provide a competitive edge within the industry they operate in; and it should never be compromised - for any reason. Therefore, Lone Star Downhole has designed and implemented specific technology and operating procedures aimed to preserve the integrity/propriety of every client & component we get the opportunity to work with.  Please call for more details on all of our precision machining capabilities!


Since inception, it has been our passion to develop a way to contribute financially to non-profit organizations that impact our community.  Lone Star Downhole Products commits proceeds from all sales to organizations who exist to help oilfield families and individuals in their time of need as well as veteran foundations committed to serve those who return home from serving overseas.  We’re encouraged by the idea that as Lone Star Downhole Products grows, so do the contributions to our community.

Nitronic 50 Tubing - Enablelloy 50 Inventory

After months of studying performance results, Lone Star Downhole decided to aggressively invest in raw Nitronic 50 (Enablelloy 50) tubing. Not only do we  manufacture Nitronic 50 pressure housings & barrels of all lengths but we keep a large inventory of raw material as well.

We stock 1.875" OD x 1.500" ID Nitronic 50 Tubing.  EnableTech Manufacturing has found a way to improve the standard market material to have wear properties up to 3X those of BeCu 

Whether you are looking to purchase machined pressure housings or just raw material inventory for your next project, Lone Star Downhole has the service and inventory to help.  We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this competitively priced nickel alloy with higher pressure ratings.

Check out EnableTech's website for more information or reach out to us at Lone Star Downhole for any questions or pricing inquiries you may have! 

EnableTech's Website: www.enabletechmfg.com

Lone Star Sales Inquiry:  sales@lonestardownhole.com

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