Centralizers/Rubber Fin Molding & Remolds Service

Lone Star Downhole's Proprietary Rubber

Lone Star Downhole Products sought to introduce the market with a unique fin profile combination aimed to help mitigate the washing of costly metal components. In addition, Lone Star Downhole successfully invested a lot of resources to find a rubber compound that is unparalleled in performance. 

Products & Services

LS-502 - 5" Rubber Fin 

Available with 4-Blade & 5-Blade profiles. Custom rubber design available too!

LS-503 - 13" Rubber Fin

TC-875 - Clamp-On Centralizer Assembly - 1.875" (BeCu)

TC-875C - Compression Washer for 1.875" Clamp-On Cenralizer

REMOLDS - Lone Star Downhole has the ability to remold almost all standard rubber fins.  We pride ourselves with our short turn-around time and quality. 


*Durometer - Hardness.

*Tensile Strength (Psi) - The resistance of a material to breaking under tension.

*Modulus (Psi) - Elasticity; tendency of an object to deform along an axis when opposing forces are applied.

*Elongation - Amount of extension of an object under stress; expressed as a percentage of original length.

*Tear Die - Amount of force an object can withstand before tearing/ripping away.